Bingo Is My Lifeline – A Message From The Bingo Association

Bingo Is My Lifeline – A Message From The Bingo Association

Dear Bingo player,

I am contacting you on behalf of The Bingo Association. As one of the many thousands of bingo players in Greater Manchester, we are asking for your support.

Bingo clubs in Greater Manchester are at threat of being forced to close under the new Tier 3 restrictions due to come into place in your area. Bingo players have faced uncertainty from the contradictory measures so far which have allowed bingo clubs in Liverpool City Region to remain open but have to close their doors in Lancashire County Council Areas.

Bingo clubs have put a lot of hard work in to making sure venues are Covid-19 secure, and that members like yourself will be safe, through increased hygiene measures and social distancing. If we have to close bingo clubs across Greater Manchester, local communities will lose out on an important and safe community hub.

If you don’t want your local bingo club to close during Tier 3 restrictions, please help us by visiting this link where you will find an easy way to help us make the case to your local leaders that bingo is safe to remain open and is a lifeline for yourself and your fellow Bingo players.

Many thanks,

Miles Baron

Chief Executive – The Bingo Association