Bingo Is My Lifeline In Birmingham

Bingo Is My Lifeline In Birmingham

We need your help to keep your bingo club open! Kitts Green is about to enter Tier 3 restrictions, which could mean your bingo club being forced to close once again, threatening its very survival and the jobs of our wonderful employees. It would also mean that many of our loyal customers are left without a safe and secure place to play the game they love.

We are asking you to email your local MP Rt Hon Liam Byrne on [email protected] and Council Leader Andy Street at [email protected] to tell them why bingo is your lifeline and to ask them to ensure that bingo can open under Tier 3 of restrictions in our local area.

Help us keep bingo open! Below is a suggested email for you to use which you can copy and paste, but please remember to take a little time to personalise your message.

Thank you for your support.

Dear [insert MP/Council Leader name],

I am writing to ask you to call on the Government and the Local Council to ensure that Bingo Clubs can open if Birmingham enters a Tier 3 lockdown.

There is a great deal of confusion for bingo customers, who can continue playing bingo safely in the Liverpool City Region and South Yorkshire, but not in Lancashire County Council areas, where bingo clubs are closed. This does not make sense to us. This is unfair to the staff who might lose their jobs and to the bingo club members like myself who need a safe place to play our favourite game.

Since reopening, our local bingo club has gone out of its way to ensure that we can continue to come and play bingo in the safest way possible, making sure venues are Covid-19 secure with increased hygiene and social distancing measures. I feel Bingo Clubs are one of the safest places to go.

Bingo is a lifeline for me because [insert reason]. I do not want my local club to be forced to close and ask that you speak to the Government to ask them to ensure that bingo can remain open under tier 3 restrictions.

Kind regards,

[Insert name].