Bev’s Bingo Blog: Playing Games and Making Friends

Bev’s Bingo Blog: Playing Games and Making Friends

Hi, I’m Bev. There aren’t many things that I love nearly as much as my husband, but bingo is definitely up there. It gives me a lot less bother, that’s for sure. I’m no tech expert (chances are my grandson is typing this up for me) but I hear the internet is good for sharing. This is my monthly bingo blog, where I can tell you all about my time at the local bingo hall. I’m no expert writer (you won’t find me on Richard & Judy’s book club!), and most of the things I know fall into a few simple boxes, especially TV murder mysteries and finding a bargain. If you want to know about Midsomer Murders or the nearest market, I’m your woman. But I also know how to talk – just ask my husband and friends. Many of my friends these days are from the bingo, which has given me lots of stories to tell. You can read those stories right here. I hope you enjoy them.

Birthdays and Bingo

I recently celebrated my birthday. Clickety click, I’m 66. This is the first time in a few years I haven’t been able to switch the digits around to make myself younger. But I wouldn’t really want to anyway – I like my life exactly how it is. A big part of that is thanks to the local bingo hall in Reading. After I retired, I had more time on my hands and making friends became even more important. It can be easy to spend all your days in the house and stop going outside, but I’ve always loved a good natter.

A friend of mine mentioned the bingo to me a couple of years back. I’ve played before, and I love how simple the game is. And I love winning money – who doesn’t? But those aren’t the main reasons I now go to bingo at least 2 times a week. The main reason is that it gives me a good chance to catch up with friends, to make new ones, to have a gossip, and most of all to have a life outside of my usual everyday things. I think that’s a good thing to do when you’re my age. I love my husband to pieces, but if I never got out of the house, we would drive each other mad. That’s not to say that we don’t already, but I think a bit of that is normal, isn’t it?

Bingo balls

Over at the bingo hall, there’s a community of people just like me. There’s a large group of us who meet up on Tuesday’s and Friday’s to play some bingo and put the world to rights. It’s been the highlight of my week for a while now. The staff are all lovely as well, and the hall itself is probably the best I’ve been in – and I’ve done a few now.

See You Soon?

Overall, it’s something I would recommend to anyone reading this. If you have your little home comforts, that’s fine. I have too many, and I’ll always be enjoying my weekly Strictly Come Dancing. But getting out and about, meeting other people, socialising and having fun at the same time is something I wouldn’t want to miss for the world. I get all of that, and my husband still has my tea waiting when I get home.

So yes, I love my life exactly how it is, and the bingo is now a big part of that.

Anyway, time for tea. Hopefully, I’ll see you soon.

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