Corporate Event Ideas: 5 Reasons to Choose Bingo

Corporate Event Ideas: 5 Reasons to Choose Bingo

[box] 5 Reasons Bingo is perfect for corporate events

• It’s a communal experience

• It’s simple and fun

• You’re playing for something

• It has a bit of everything

• It’s something different [/box]

Everyone loves a good work event, be it a celebration or a general get-together. But it’s important to get the right venue and the right activities. These choices can affect the entire event, your staff’s enjoyment of said event and, in turn, their morale when all is said and done. Returning to the office on the back of a great night had by all is what to aim for. Corporate event ideas are everywhere these days, but we have one idea in particular that could provide any workplace with an unforgettable time.

If there’s one activity that provides everything you need for an incredible work event, it’s the bingo – which is as popular as ever. There’s no better place to try your hand at bingo and its other benefits than a dynamic, inviting bingo hall.

Here we list just 5 of the many reasons you should consider the local bingo hall as the destination for your next big work gathering…

  1. Communal Experience

Despite the primary focus at bingo being the game itself, it is not just a case of ‘heads down’ once you walk through the doors. Bingo is, first and foremost, a communal experience in which people are encouraged to actively socialise, interact and engage with one another on a level not often reached within the workplace. This represents an opportunity not to be missed, as your team can grow closer as a result, thus improving productivity and general wellbeing. A happy, positive workforce benefits everyone.

bingo - corporate event ideas

  1. Simple and Fun

Choosing an activity that includes a learning curve can prove to be restrictive, even making some feel ostracised from the group if they get left behind. Luckily, there is no chance of this with bingo. Bingo continues to be renowned and recognised for its sheer simplicity. Everyone can get involved easily, and have a great time doing so. For an easy-going and fun time out with work, it’s the place to be and the thing to do.

  1. Play for Something

An added bonus is the fact that you can play for actual cash prizes, lending an extra edge to proceedings. Of course, the central aim remains to have fun – but having something to play for adds another element that will appeal to staff and further improve their experience. Having a good time with colleagues is worthwhile in itself, but it can’t hurt to add the potential of winning to the mix.

  1. A Bit of Everything

Whilst the game is what people come for, it doesn’t stop there. At the bingo hall, you will find something for everyone. Delicious food & drink options, games galore, great conversation and even a tanning bed are just some of the things you’ll find at our own bingo halls. For a bit of everything, try the bingo hall.

  1. Something Different

Bingo isn’t exactly your classic work event of choice, and that’s exactly why you should go for it. Organising a work gathering that is wholly unique to your workforce, the likes of which is not being done elsewhere, will set the business apart in the eyes of staff and even other figures from within your industry. People are also much more likely to attend and see what the deal is. It’s a win-win situation.

 All in all, that’s 5 very good reasons to choose bingo the next time your business heads out of the office for some team bonding. Of all the corporate event ideas our there, we firmly believe that this is the one for you. Should you choose BJ’s Bingo to provide this experience (and much more), feel free to take a look at any of our 3 state-of-the-art bingo halls in Birmingham, Leigh and Reading. Happy playing!