Eat, Drink, Play – The Complete Bingo Night Out

Eat, Drink, Play – The Complete Bingo Night Out

Lads bingo night

The classic image of a bingo audience is one that we embrace.  Our own bingo halls are visited regularly by dedicated older players, all of whom are an important part of the warm and welcoming culture we try to encourage at our clubs.

To say that bingo is just for people of previous generations would go against the open and inclusive nature of bingo, plus it just isn’t true. Our halls are visited by people of all ages and walks of life, which is one of the greatest things about what we do.

A recent trend has even seen the bingo hall become a go-to place for younger people on nights out, with us now being seen as a great alternative to your usual bar or club scene. It’s no surprise either, given that a night out at BJ’s offers everything from a great meal to a great time with mates. But what exactly makes bingo the complete night out? Let’s take a look…


No one wants to sit through a full night out on an empty stomach. Luckily for you, the vast majority of bingo venues now offer a great selection of food to compliment your gaming experience and BJ’s Bingo is no different. Our extensive menu provides all our visitors with a vast selection of delectable delights covering breakfast, snacks, mains and desserts. So, whether you’re looking for a fry up, something to satisfy your sweet tooth or a three-course meal, there’s something for every taste at BJ’s. And don’t worry about trying to play bingo and eat at the same time. When you place your order we’ll ask you when you would like your food delivered to your table.

Girls bingo night out


Your night out at the bingo wouldn’t be complete without a few drinks. If it’s alcohol you’re after, then look no further than our drinks menu, which includes more relaxing beverages than you can shake a dabber at. Beers, wines and spirits are readily available, as are a multitude of soft drinks for those looking for a quieter night. Now drink up, because the fun is about to begin.


The main reason we all love bingo – the game itself. Top off your unforgettable night out with a session of everyone’s favourite game, BINGO! Set in a state-of-the-art bingo hall in a fun and sociable atmosphere, playing for cash prizes has never been so simple and carefree. Whether you leave a few pounds richer or not, everyone’s a winner when you choose the bingo for your night on the town.

The New Night Out

In short, your local bingo hall can give you everything needed for a proper night out, be it with family, friends or for a special occasion. Parties, mate dates and general get-togethers are all regular features at BJ’s, with an increasing number of young people choosing the bingo due to it boasting the full package – food, drink and fun. All of this with the added bonus of potential cash winnings – what more could you ask for?

Come and see for yourself at any one of our 3 bingo halls in Birmingham, Leigh or Reading. We’re sure you won’t regret it.