Bev’s Bingo Blog: How the Local Bingo Hall Helped Me Get Active

Bev’s Bingo Blog: How the Local Bingo Hall Helped Me Get Active

[author]Bev's Blog[author_info]Hi, I’m Bev. There aren’t many things that I love nearly as much as my husband, but bingo is definitely up there. It gives me a lot less bother, that’s for sure. I’m no tech expert (chances are my grandson is typing this up for me) but I hear the internet is good for sharing. This is my monthly bingo blog, where I can tell you all about my time at the local bingo hall. I’m no expert writer (you won’t find me on Richard & Judy’s book club!), and most of the things I know fall into a few simple boxes, especially TV murder mysteries and finding a bargain. If you want to know about Midsomer Murders or the nearest market, I’m your woman. But I also know how to talk – just ask my husband and friends. Many of my friends these days are from the bingo, which has given me lots of stories to tell. You can read those stories right here. I hope you enjoy them. [/author_info] [/author]

Hello, it’s me again. Since I last did one of these, I’ve carried on going down to the bingo every other night. Other than the great things I’ve already talked about, I have started to notice a difference in myself and how I feel – and I think it’s down to my new hobby.

When you get to my age, keeping active becomes harder, but it also gets more important. Sitting around and doing nothing is the easiest thing in the world, relying on home comforts and slipping into that routine. I’ve been there myself. If you are elderly and your body is starting to feel it, there’s nothing wrong with slowing down. You should slow down. Your body and mind need it, but they also need to carry on.

I have mentioned going for walks and such in my previous blog about getting out of the house, and I want to repeat that advice again. Find your local bingo hall, and walk there regularly if it’s close enough – but only in the daylight.

If it’s dark before or after your trip to the bingo, drive, get a family member or friend to give you a lift, get a taxi or even hop onto public transport. Either way, it gets you out of the house and into the world. Even if you only do it once or twice a week, it is better than nothing! And it doesn’t mean you can’t park yourself in front of the TV the next day either.

Traditional paper bingo tickets

The plus of getting yourself to the bingo doesn’t stop at exercise – it’s also good for the mind! Bingo is easy to play and understand, but it’s still a good mental activity. It makes me feel alive and switched on in a way that few things do now.

The same can be said for the conversation with the other girls I meet there. They certainly keep me on my toes, not that I have much problem with that at home as well!

I guess the main thing I want people to take away from my experience is that you’re never too old to keep active and have fun. It’s one of a few things going to the bingo has taught me. Keep an eye out for more as the weeks go by…

Anyway, time for tea again. Until next time,