BJ’s Bingo team members in Reading with the winner’s cheque

One lucky Reading bingo player at BJ’s Bingo Reading received an unexpected boost to their  Friday night at bingo, when it became super-sized, thanks to winning a life-changing £50,000 on the National Bingo Game.  

The winner, who has asked to remain anonymous, is a regular at BJs Bingo: attending once or twice a week, since joining the club in 2004 they have made lots of friends at the club. The lucky winner was at the club on Friday 18th March, for their end of the week evening session and was not expecting anything out of the ordinary, just a relaxed fun evening catching up with other regulars. Their evening was extraordinary, thanks to the National Bingo Game.

Chandra Mekala Assistant Manager at BJ’s Bingo Reading who was there on the night said, “Our lucky winner is a regular at the club, who loves a bit of bingo. Everyone at the club was playing the National Bingo Game and as it is the big money bingo game everyone was listening carefully to the numbers called. When the winner made their claim so early in the game lots of people were expecting it to be a false claim. They were wrong.”

“When the caller validated the claim, confirming that they had won not only the club prize but also a £50,000 jackpot prize applause erupted in the club with people shouting and cheering, congratulating the winner.”

Chandra continued, “It was an absolute delight to see a longstanding and popular member of the club win such a life-changing sum of money here at BJs Bingo.  To mark the event we will be celebrating with a winner’s party on Friday evening 25th March and special price bingo, at £15 for 20 games, which of course includes the National Bingo Game. We are hoping to find another jackpot winner!”

Alastair Stewart, Head Of Commercial Operations at the National Bingo Game said: “We are thrilled for our lucky National Bingo Game £50,000 Jackpot winner at BJ’s Bingo Reading and hope that they enjoy their winnings. It’s always great to see a big bingo win, which is the beauty of the National Bingo Game.”