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Welcome to Your Help Hub. Here you will find all the info to make visiting BJ’s Bingo super chilled and you’ll be dobbing like a pro in no time!

Joining BJ’s Bingo is as easy as 1-2-3 and it only takes a minute. You can join online or install our mobile app which gives you access to loads of cool things. You can also pop down to your local club. We’ll be on-hand to show you the ropes. You must be over 18 to play in our clubs, so we may ask you to show your ID. We like to Think 25, take it as a compliment and best of all membership is free! Good luck and see you soon!

Next choose how to play. Paper tickets are great for those that want to keep it traditional. Bingo Bees are the perfect choice for beginners, as they do the hard work! And the price you pay is ALL-INCLUSIVE, a full session of bingo with no fuss. So set the date, the team will make sure your first time at BJ’s Bingo is FAB!

Here’s some BJ’s Bingo basics. If you’re playing a paper book, each page is made up of 6 tickets and all 90 numbers are on the page. You mark off the numbers as they’re called, so listen out carefully.

They’re all arranged in vertical columns, left to right. You’ve got your single numbers followed by the tens, twenties, thirties, and so on.
First you play for one line (on the same ticket) then two lines (on the same ticket) and then the Full House. 3 chances to win on each game!

On a Bingo Bee tablet, you play exactly the same game you just have more tickets to mark off. You can tap the screen yourself, or switch on the AUTO DOB feature and watch it play for you. If you win, you must give us a good loud shout, “HOUSE”, YES”, “HERE” “BINGO” are all okay!

Adding money to your Bingo Bee is really easy. Top-up your Bingo Bee account before you arrive to beat the queues. You can do this online or via the BJ’s Bingo App.

When you’re in the club you can top-up your Bingo Bee account at your table via the coin slot. Simply connect your Bee to your seat number, and away you go! Finally, stick up your hand (or press the ADD CREDIT button on your Bee), and one of our team will come over and add the credit for you.

At BJ’s Bingo, you order everything from your seat, there’s no queuing at the bar and everything’s just a few clicks away. You can order from your Bee and pay with the credit in your Bingo Bee account (so don’t forget to top-up your account if you need to.) Or just call one of the team over, and they’ll take your order for you.

There are menus available all around the club and on the BJ’s Bingo App. We’re sure you’ll love our choice of tasty dishes and refreshing drinks, and it won’t be long until you’ve found your favourites!

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We’re open 7-days a week (except Christmas Day) and you can find our Opening Hours and Bingo Schedule here…

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Here at BJ’s Bingo we have loads of free parking available. No ticket or registration number is required. Just park up and play!

In the 1950’s the Shipley family first started entertaining the crowds at showgrounds across the Midlands. The larger than life ‘Big Jim’ Shipley built up a mix of amusements, rides and traditional fairground attractions that proved a huge success.

The family business went from strength to strength and in the 1960’s and 70’s Big Jim’s eldest sons, Harry and Jon, entertained their customers in a different way by opening Amusement arcades and Bingo clubs throughout the country.

Fast forward to today and the Shipley Brothers operate three of the biggest and best bingo clubs in the UK. Named BJ’s Bingo in honour of their father ‘Big Jim’, their venues in Leigh, Birmingham and Reading are leaders in service, standards and facilities. Above all, BJ’s Bingo clubs offer BIGGER, BETTER BINGO!


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