How to Win at Bingo: Top 6 Tips for Success

How to Win at Bingo: Top 6 Tips for Success

[box]How to Win Bingo…

  • Buy more cards
  • Pick the best seat in the house
  • Come fully equipped
  • Play with fewer people
  • Learn the rules


Whilst it is undoubtedly a simple game that anyone can play (as a massive part of the appeal), there are ways to increase your chances of winning when it comes to bingo. Below are 6 pieces of advice on how to win at bingo, to bring you closer than ever to that elusive jackpot…

Buy More Tickets

This one’s easy. If you purchase more tickets, you instantly increase your odds of winning at any game of bingo. Before you do this, however, make sure you can handle the number of cards you buy. Getting swamped and missing any called numbers will be counterproductive to your cause. If you get it right though, the rewards could be massive.

Carefully Select Your Seat

Where you’re positioned in our bingo hall can have a huge effect on your ability to play the game in the way you want. More than anything else, you’ll want your seat to be somewhere you can avoid all distractions. It is also a good chance to ensure you’re sat as close to the caller as you need to be. If you want to win, you don’t want to miss any numbers!

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Bring Your Equipment

Your preparation begins before you even step through our doors. If you make sure you come armed with everything feel that you need to play your best game of bingo, then you’re much more likely to do exactly that. If you’ve got a trusty dauber, don’t forget it. Another helpful tip is to tape your card to the table, in order to stabilise your playing surface and further eliminate any potential disruptions.

Play With Fewer People

This one is harder to gauge, but with a little bit of luck – you might increase your chances of winning big. All bingo halls are, naturally, busier on certain days and at particular times on those days. If you can figure out these times and target them, then you are in with a good shout of being a summer.

Be Prepared & Get Familiar With the Rules

Following all of the above advice will stand you in good stead and prepare you for a potential bingo win – but it’ll all count for nothing if you can’t even play the game. Luckily for you, we have a blog post explaining exactly how to play bingo in 6 simple steps.

Now that you know how to play bingo and how to win, feel free to head to one of our state-of-the-art bingo halls and try your hand.