Dos and Don’ts of Bingo Halls

If you’re going to the bingo for the first time, you may have some questions about etiquette – the general dos and don’ts of the bingo halls. Luckily, there are only a few and they’re incredibly easy to follow. That’s the beauty of bingo – it is open to all and extremely easy to jump […]

Bev’s Bingo Blog: Playing Games and Making Friends

Hi, I’m Bev. There aren’t many things that I love nearly as much as my husband, but bingo is definitely up there. It gives me a lot less bother, that’s for sure. I’m no tech expert (chances are my grandson is typing this up for me) but I hear the internet is good for sharing. […]

The History and Future of Bingo

It’s safe to say that bingo is now one of the world’s most recognised and popular games. The simplicity of how to play it, alongside the ability to win cash prizes, are what make the game so appealing. Bingo has progressed from being something played in large halls, to an established product which is now […]

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